clash of clans glitch

“Clash of Clans Glitch” What is that ?

Its is basically an Exploit or Vulnerability in The game which can be used in anyway
The user wants to do it like adding tons of Gems, Gold, Barbarians…etc almost
Everykind of in game exploits and you can doa nything you like to do
In every way possible to be done with it and as its a In game Vulnerability
You’ll stay safe from getting banned as your’e using the official Game to cheat the Game.

Why do I need a Glitch to be used in my game ?

This answer is purely depended upon the user’s taste if you want to feel a better
Version of the game or you want to play it in a different way than normally playing like other
and cheating Supercell to get tons of Elixir, Gold and other in game items, then its the thing
for you as this is an Clash of clans Glitch not an Hack and it uses the official server to do that
and actually we can say this is the safest way to do it you dont need to download a .exe
and put in that your login mail and get spammed we will give you the actual code
That is to be used to add the items and do any kind of stuff in the game.


How this Clash of clans works ?

Its uses our very own discovered game glitch and uses that to add the items into the game
and adds the items in just like a few seconds and works like a charm!
Using it is very easy we have made two versions of this glitch so that
you can use them on every device for android and online game and u can use that
from Your own android device or use it directly from your PC/MAC
as you dont need to downlaod anything for PC/MAC you just need you Internet Browser
To sue this clash of clans gitch on your PC/MAC


Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Elixir
Build Instant Archers + Barbarians
Weekly Auto updates
Email Support


How to Use the Android Version ?

1. You need to Download the .apk Version using the Button Below
2. Install it and Run it on Your Android Device
3. Connect to the server and enter the Things you want
4. Click on “Update items”
5. Restart the game and you’ll see the items added!

How to use the PC/Mac Version ?

1. Download the Code using the Button Below
2. While You are playing Clash of clans in your browser Open a new tab In ur browser
3. Copy the Url Given in the Code and go to that url
4. Select the option “systemato_base.hxl”
5. Open that file on your broser and enter the things you want
6. Soon you’ll see the items appearing in your game


Read the instructions above for using the Android version Safely.


Use This Button to Get It For PC/Mac


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Is This Clash of clans Glitch safe ?

A: This is a Glitch not an hack this is basically a mistake
that is done by the game makers, so its the safest one.

How can i be safe ?

A: You dont need to put any kind of login credentials
to use these Glitch you just need to run any of the app or the url
side by side and it’ll be done!